“Who Killed Jason Blossom?”


(All artwork in this blog entry are made by the very talented Madz Castillo)

I grew up reading Archie comics. It was a good source of entertainment and has even upped my English grammar a bit (I’m talking about sentence construction and even learning words such as ‘regressing’, ‘chrysanthemum’, and ‘alcove’ to be very specific). So when I found out last March 2016 that the CW Network will produce a TV series called “Riverdale” based on the Archie comics, I was ecstatic.

Initially, I honestly thought the show would flop for some reason and nostalgia would be the only reason why ‘90s kids would watch it. Turns out that I have never been more wrong about anything. I love everything about Riverdale– the plot, the cinematography, and especially the cast (I could go on and on about my obsession with the cast, but that can probably be set for another blog entry)! In fact, I love it so much that I decided to write about it and try to guess who the killer is. We’re down to two more episodes until the season ends and the answer to “Who killed Jason Blossom?” will be answered on the next episode; so I might as well make some hunches now to test if my observation skills are correct.

Yes, I have read fan theories. I found so many interesting ones like Miss Grundy’s ex killing Jason (See #9 here) or one post from Buzzfeed speculating that the show would eventually lead to a zombie apocalypse. But for this entry, I decided to take away all outside info and just write down my own theories; I wouldn’t want to cheat and take someone else’s idea. So I binge-watched all eleven episodes again, but with more intent and a pen in my hand this time around.

Fair warning: Spoilers ahead

Let’s begin, shall we?

I have 12 guesses on who the murderer might be. I’ll end this list with my three main suspects and start with the other possible-but-not-really suspects. Under the names, I wrote down clues or some kind of motives for killing seen in certain episodes. Theories are made-up by my silly mind.

1. Jughead Jones

  • Had a fight with archie and had no friends at all
  • Had a troubled past and currently still struggling with family
  • (E04) “I’ll figure it out, dad. I always do.” You always do what exactly, Mr. Jones?
  • (E05) Had a dream about backstabbing Archie. “Why’d you stab me in the back?” Archie told him in his dream

2. Dilton Doiley

  • (E01) Has a gun in possession

Why he couldn’t be the killer: no motive for killing.

3. Alice Cooper

  • (E01) Angry AF at the Blossom family
  • (E08) “You know exactly what I’m capable of”
  • (E10) Have secrets about her past that she doesn’t want to share
  • (E11) Possibly a southside serpent before

4. Betty Cooper

  • (E01) Takes adderall to contain her mental breakdowns
  • (E01) Tired of being perfect. Also, those nails-clawing-her-palm issue is quite intense
  • (E02) Has pent up anger
  • (E03) Crazy as hell (Dressed as a hooker, personality disorder)
  • (E10) Nails again

Why she couldn’t be the killer: She’s really a good person just struggling with some dark issues.

5. Hermoine Lodge

  • (E04) Involved with the Southside Serpents
  • (E06) Gets what she wants (e.g. She forged Veronica’s signature when Veronica didn’t want to.)

Why she couldn’t be the killer: Smithers undoubtedly believed that she’s a good woman. If Smithers believes that, then I do, too.

6. Hal Cooper

  • (E05) Big hatred towards the Blossoms
  • (E05) Seen talking with Cheryl’s Dad
  • (E05) Stole Sheriff Keller’s files
  • (E08) Intense anger towards the Blossoms

Why he couldn’t be the killer: As described by Alice, he doesn’t have the guts to do it. Also, someone so angry just means all those hatred are still suppressed. If he killed Jason, he’d probably feel less angry. 

7. Penelope Blossom

  • (E11) Has kept Jason’s ring
  • (E11) “Nothing is lost forever, everything comes back.”
  • (E11) Drugged Polly to stop her from telling others about the ring

Why she couldn’t be the killer: Penelope cried when she found out FP killed Jason. At home. If she did, she wouldn’t grieve in a private setting. Crying outside of home? Yes, that can be just an act to cover up. But crying at home? Must be genuine.

8. Joaquin

  • (E08) FP’s accomplice in hiding evidences
  • (E11) Left (???) the dance when he saw Sheriff Keller

Why he’s not the killer: He was not around the crime scenes. Sure, he may have something to do about the murder, but he’s not the killer.

9. FP Jones

  • (E07) Has Jason’s jacket
  • (E08) He’s a drug dealer and Jason’s car was full of them.

Why he’s not the killer: Admitted to Jughead that he isn’t a murderer. Like Joaquin, he may be involved in a way. Besides, all he wants is his family to be back together. You can probably see his love for his son is true.

10. Miss Grundy (Jennifer Gibson) – 6/10 Killer Meter

geraldine grundy

  • (E02) Just using Archie to convince the him not to tell the police (from “let’s stop this” from E01 to rekindling their ‘love’ suddenly over the next episodes). I mean, why the change of heart so suddenly? Before Archie told her about coming clean, she straight up said “we shouldn’t do this anymore”.
  • (E04) Secret Identity
  • (E04) Has a gun in possession
  • (E04) Tutored Jason Blossom
  • (E04) A cougar

Theory: I really can’t put a finger as to why she would kill Jason Blossom. Surely, her purpose on the show isn’t just to make love with Archie, right? Everything about her is suspicious and being a cougar and tutoring Jason Blossom before might link up in some way.

11. Cheryl Blossom – 9/10 Killer Meter

cheryl blossom

  • (E01) “Are you scared Jason?” Of what should Jason be afraid of, Cheryl?
  • (E02) “He was supposed to come back” Why? Because you accidentally shot him and thought it wouldn’t be fatal?
  • (E09) “Jason was the Golden Boy…. but me… People hate me. Archie.”
  • (E09) Crossed out the face of Archie and Polly in a very aggressive manner
  • (E11) Threatened Polly
  • Manipulative
  • Good at hiding her emotions

Theory: Have you ever wondered: Why does Cheryl’s parents hate her so much???? Seems too cruel for parents to think that way. Maybe, it’s because she’s the killer.

Cheryl might seem obsessed with Jason because she kept on saying how much she loved him. But what if those were just cover-ups? Sure, she might have loved him, but let’s not forget that our HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) thinks about herself more than she does with nearly everyone else. With all the pressure and hate she’s getting, what if she had her mental breakdown, let emotions get the best of her, and killed his brother?

Jason was the loved one and Cheryl was always despised by many. What if the only person she loved (like she loved herself) left her (like everyone else around her)? We can be sure that it broke her heart and a broken heart can do so much stuff.

Remember on E05 where Cheryl dreamt of Jason as a zombie and he was almost strangling her? What if that nightmare is a sign of guilt? That he wanted to kill Cheryl for taking away his life?

For some reason, I think her dad* knows about this. Clifford Blossom is really shipping the Archie and Cheryl hard, and I think it’s because she wants her to look innocent. Our boy-next-door Archie is a down-to-earth man. With a guy like him dating a girl like Cheryl, murder will probably out of the picture.

*Why only her dad, you ask? Clifford must’ve told Penelope something about Cheryl seeing the last person to see Jason and that made her mom angry at Cheryl for not doing anything about it/letting that happen.

12. Clifford Blossom – 10/10 Killer Meter!!!!!

clifford blossom

  • (E09) Will do anything just to benefit his company
  • (E11) Keeps wigs?????
  • (E11) “Jason never had the stomach for it. But you.. You are a Blossom through and through,” Clifford telling Cheryl his dismay for Jason.
  • Possibly angry at Jason because Jason didn’t want anything to do with the Blossoms, anymore.

Theory: We can all see how Clifford is obsessed with money. He escaped his debt to Hiram and put him to jail. He wanted to take the land property that the Lodges are constructing. Not to mention Great Grandfather Blossom killed his partner just to own the company– talk about murderer lies in the blood!

Anyway, here’s how I think it all went down:

  1. Clifford was angry that their “legacy” wanted to leave and asked for money. Of course, he stopped him, but he didn’t.
  2. Jason approached Southside Serpents to earn money for him and Polly’s dream to live at a farm upstate.
  3. FP gave him a job to deliver something. But FP being FP A.K.A. the actually-caring-father-who-just-looks-like-he-doesn’t-give-a-fuck, he contacted the Blossoms to tell them how concerned he is that their son is leaving. Possibly concerned because Jughead kind of left him, too, and he doesn’t want another family to experience that.
  4. Clifford followed Jason as he was delivering and told him to stay. “Don’t smudge the Blossom name,” he might even mention.
  5. But Jason refused and told Clifford that he was going to tell anyone about their dirty family business if he stopped him from going.
  6. Clifford don’t want to anything that can possibly ruin their company and killed him.
  7. FP found out about the murder and took the evidences away so that he would not get involved. He did everything to protect Jughead, too, from being the ‘troubled child who had a dad mistaken for a killer’.
  8. So again, FP being FP, probably confronted Clifford to come clean. Clifford bribed him with money to keep his mouth shut. E11 showed us that FP finally had the chance to reunite with his family again. Where did he got the money to do that all of the sudden? Probably with the bribe money.
  9. Polly learned about the ring and that threatened Clifford. So, he made an immediate action to frame FP before Polly makes things worse for them.

(Supporting Fact: Cheryl, in E05, told Veronica, “You don’t know my parents. They’ll kill me.”)

I honestly can’t wait to find out. What do you think? WHO IS THE KILLER OF JASON BLOSSOM? Share this post and let me know your thoughts! It’s always interesting to hear other people’s theories.

Again, a big thank you to Madz Castillo for giving these awesome posters and GIF! Be sure to follow her on Instagram or be friends with her on Facebook!

Possible Plot Twist (just to humor you):

  1. Kevin Keller said he “fooled around the Sweetwater River once or twice” Hmmm. Once with moose, and twice with a possible closeted Jason Blossom? He did say he hooked up with closeted gay guys on E11. Reason for killing? Maybe break-up? Leading him on? I really don’t know.
  2. The whole plot is just Jughead’s story. He did say at first: “This is a story.. .about a town…”. A story inside a story. Classic.
  3. The “killer” that will be revealed isn’t the one who killed Jason Blossom. The revealed killer will kill FP thinking he/she really did kill Jason. The original killer will still be left unanswered that will be the focus of season 2.
  4. Josie McCoy is the killer. She is a control freak and is all about music. Remember how Grundy said that she tutored Jason Blossom (E04)? What if Jason was mad talanted and Josie felt threatened; that’s why she had to kill him. You really don’t know what fame or glory can do to a person’s virtues.

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